Backyard Rink Contest 2019

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The Tschudy Family - Ridgefield, CT

CT Hockey Program

Western Jr. Colonials

Size of the Rink

42 x 80'

Materials Used to Install

NiceRink kit.
3 types of lighting: stadium lighting that we will use for games, string lights above rink for ambience, and also wrapped posts with lights.
This year we added some new flags.

What Makes This Rink Unique

We are a family of 4 and all our neighbors and friends love to skate here as well. This is our 6th year and we have expanded every year. So this is our biggest size yet. We love it so much and it brings so much joy to us to see all the neighborhood kids here and is just a way to truly enjoy winter.

Our rink was featured in a recent USA Hockey Magazine so if you have that flip open the cover a pic of our rink is there. We had no idea. NiceRink used it for advertising. We have also been in their magazine as well.