Backyard Rink Contest 2019

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The MacKenzie Family - Guilford, CT

CT Hockey Program

Yale & East Haven

Size of the Rink

40' x 80'

Cost to Install & Materials Used

this year was the cost of town water (about 18,000 gallons; roughly $600). We purchase liners every few years from Nice Rink and we use Nice Rink brackets to secure the boards. We first purchased Nice Rink brackets six or seven years ago. The old ones broke occasionally but the new ones are very sturdy. The liner we use is their heavy duty 10mm liner and is custom cut to 50' 86' (I believe roughly $800 for the liner. The brackets run about $10 each and we use a lot of them (about 70), but we use them over and over again. We have no economic relationship with Nice Rink, but we love their products (the liners and brackets make installation a breeze). They do sell "boards," but we buy sheets of plywood and rip them into 16" width sections (plenty high for shinny).

What Makes This Rink Unique

We love our rink in the yard. When the weather cooperates, we have neighbors and teammates over constantly. The ice is great to skate on (we do have a hot water hose that we use for resurfacing which makes for a great sheet of ice). We skate in the mornings for an hour before school, after school before hockey practice, and at night until time for bed. It is often difficult to keep the kids off their electronic devices; however, when the ice is in they eagerly leave their video games and head out for a skate. One of our sons came home from a game on Sunday morning and proceeded to skate for eight hours that afternoon and evening.