Collin Whitmore's Family Spreads Awareness of Arteriovenous Malformation (AVM)

Collin Whitmore In February of 2016, 8-year-old hockey player Collin Whitmore of Sandy Hook, CT, passed away suddenly from a condition known as Brain Arteriovenus Malformation (AVM). A brain AVM contains abnormal, weakened blood vessels that direct blood away from normal brain tissue and dilate over time. Eventually they may burst from the high pressure of blood flow, causing bleeding into the brain.

Collin was an old soul whose light brightened any room and whose smile would make you melt. Collin touched the lives of so many in such deep and varied ways. No words can express how much he will be missed by all. Collin's quiet enthusiasm for life not only shown in the sports he loved, hockey and golf but more importantly his ability to make anyone he came in contact know that their lives were special and that people such as Collin cared in a special and humble way. Learn more about Collin and his story here.

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