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Bryan Ruck - Wethersfield, CT

CT Hockey Program

Central CT Capitals

Size of the Rink

4 Rinks in total:
Main Rink = 20 x 40
Shooting Rink = 8 x 30
2 Race Track Rinks 6 x 25

Cost to Install

about $3000 over 4 years

Materials Used to Install

Main construction = 1" x 3' stakes, 2" x 12" x 12' sides, poly liners, 4'x8' plywood for back boards

What Makes This Rink Unique

The most unique part is that we have 4 rinks vs only 1. The four rinks go all the way around the shed, to give the kids a race track. This has not been an easy project over the years, as our backyard is not as flat as needed, but each year we bring in loads of dirt and continue to landscape the backyard to fit the rink, drives my wife crazy. This year, we decided to try to build a second rink, just for shooting, but as it always does, the second rink led to going all the way around the shed. It was not easy to connect the 4 rinks, as the landscaping was uneven, so we used some fake ice sheets to transition one rink to the other. The other cool part of the rink is that the shed is transformed into a locker room with use of the patio furniture, so the kids have a place to drink their hot chocolate and keep all the hockey stuff.

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