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Mark Laigle - New Hartford, CT

CT Hockey Program

A Simsbury hopeful!

Size of the Rink

Approximately 36x75

Cost to Install

About $350

Materials Used to Install

The tarp was purchased from NiceRink, the wood came from old building projects, so there were no cost for the lumber, the water was filled by the local volunteer fire department.

What Makes This Rink Unique

The rink is used by several neighborhood families, which makes it a ton of fun on the weekends! The weather this year has been tough to overcome but with lots of hard work the rink is in good shape. My son is part of the Berger Pond Hockey Tournament that takes place in Winsted every winter, which is a ton of fun. What makes my backyard rink unique is the lighting controlled by the light show machine, 360° lighting, and the side deck for people to sit and enjoy watching there kids skating.

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