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Rick DellaRusso - Darien, CT

CT Hockey Program

New Canaan Winter Club

Size of the Rink

30 x 60

Cost to Install

All major costs incurred in initial year probably 8 years ago, approximately $3,500. Since then, I buy a new liner each year for about $300.

Materials Used to Install

Nice Rink brackets, stakes, nails (lots), plywood, and liner.

What Makes This Rink Unique

Growing up, my father who was in the construction business built a rink in the yard for us using plywood and a liner and I'd help him over the years. Now I do it with my son and it is a great project to do together, it takes about 3 weekends to build and then the upkeep is ongoing. Now I have an extra helping hand and he is eager to help, especially with the zamboni! The rink is a great place for hockey players to work on their skills, a healthy environment to gather with friends/teammates, and certainly a fun place to entertain the neighborhood.

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